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Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 9:57 AM

Behind the facade of our big egos we constantly do hide
And pride of five letters is only that just pride
And some will even tell you pride comes before a fall
From life we have been learning from before we learned to crawl,
The thing we refer to as pride not easily understood
A little pride is necessary but too much pride not good
Pride can lead to big egos and snobbish self conceit

A truly humble person is one you don't often meet
The self opinionated and self conceited never known to be rare
Those who promote their egos in the bigger World out there
From the seeds of a big ego success is often grown
A humble quiet achiever is one I have not known
A little pride is necessary and self esteem okay
But too much pride can lead to arrogance and that seems sad to say

Saturday, May 16, 2009, 9:58 AM

Happy 2nd Month Anniversary Baby!

Its our 2nd month together. Thanks for being here with me whenever I feels lost. I might dont know how to express my feelings to you , but deep inside my heart I am really appreciating you because I know that you always tried to give your best to me. 2 months isnt that long for us but I did remember the experience of us going up and down, the moment when we fought, when we made things clear together , when we trying to be authentic to each another, until we work things out together.

I still remember the moment when we first went for a date. The moment when I hold your hands. You were picky when you shop until i convinced you to buy that dress! I still remember the way you take care of me when i was sick during our outing. I still remember your face when you get angry at me, and when you cried. I still remember the time you taking care of me when I was bite by leech. I remember.

Sometimes I might be selfish, and I might made you sad. But trust me, I am doing whats best for us. I know words isnt the best way to show my love to you, but i can promise YOU to give u all my best. I Love you baby , happy 2nd month anniversary =)

Port Dickson
Sunday, May 3, 2009, 11:50 PM

Team Outing

13th April 2009' , Port Dickson

April seems to be a very pact month for me. Lots of activities and work need to be done.
On the 13th , my company are having a 2nd outing for our teambuilding and leadership program.
Let pictures do the talk.

1st Day.


Night time, Sunshine Bay Resort

2nd Day.

Singing our Team Song

Have you ever tried putting on a glamorous outfit and work for other people you dont even know and the place is not formal at all?

3rd Day.

Die die die!

Mama where are you, Im coming~

Come Over Here!!

So we had a de-brief somewhere around Sunshine Bay Resort before we back to KL.

Port Dickson , 15th April 2009

Mum's Bday
11:28 PM

Mum's Bday!

18th April 2009' , Pandan Perdana Restaurant

*Selamat Hari Jadi Yang Ke-49 Mama~
*Semoga sihat sihat selalu yar.
*Thanks for lahirkan me, walau pun bukan hensem sangat tapi cukup untuk cari makan XD

Semoga anak aku sihat selalu =P

Mama and I


Baby and I

Candid tengah makan

Break Break Break!
8:54 PM

Break Break Break!

6th April 2009' , Butterworth

So i'm on a 3 days holiday after a year prisoned in KL! Terima kasih ku ucapkan kepada Masy, Garry dan Tom Jack yang ______________ (please fill in d blanks) hahaha. I should call it a food trip cuz all we do is eat eat and eat. The rest is nothing different than KL.
Had a 4 hours drive and we reach Jack's house.

Puppy In Jack's House.

So we continue our journey to his new house to unload our luggage. We berjudi awhile while taking a rest and we went out to eat hor fun. There is 2 types of hor fun which is the dry and the wet 1. Selepas itu we went to eat something special which is rojak but they serve it in a 'lok lok' style. That 1 is superb nice *drools* , cant wait to go back there and eat again! After that i went to see doctor -.- and we headed home for a rest.

Night time in Butterworth.Thai Foodie.



Mangsa kebuluran di Butterworth, 2009

7th April 2009' , Penang.

Cake Lork Sih Temple

*Beli some ' Hiong Peng '
*Went to Gurney plaza to jalan jalan.
*Sapu DVD during d night before movie.
*Balik lepas movie.

8th April 2009' , Moving Back to KL

*Wakes up in d morning
*Makan for the last time in Butterworth
*Back to KL journey

I need a breakkk!
Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 11:07 AM

Damn im being emotional lately!
Why do things have to be so complicated when it doesn't need to be that way?

People just dont know how to appreciate when we treat them in a nice way. They'll just take you for granted!

There is this "peopleS" that will always suck your energy. And they always give you lots of bullshits and lame excuses. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? AND WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Bare in mind that im not paid to babysit you. Im getting pissed to spoon feeding and pleasing you guys off. The hell i want to help someone that dont even care about my feelings? If you are here just to entertain me, please get the fuck off =)

And there is this "peopleS' again. Kept complaining and giving SHITS to what I did! The hell you think who you are? if you CANT AFFORD to pay for a BETTER SERVICES , then stop giving SHITS! And if you're AFFORDABLE, please move on to some other salon as i dont want to see your fucking face in my shop anymore. If you're not coming to support or you're just coming to critisize and all you want is godamn nice hair with cheap price, please get the fuck off too =)

If YOU PEOPLE are readying this, NOTICE THAT im just being AUTHENTIC! and I dont fucking care if you like it or not. What im blogging here today is just a reflect to you, and IF you still think that you're still right, which means you're not trying improve yourself at all! so GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Morale of the story:
Pleasing everyone is not an effective way at all. They'll just take you for granted. They'll just come to you when they needed you and that's life so be realistic =)

Damn it , i need a break desperately. I need a holiday -.-

Monday, March 16, 2009, 9:42 AM

Does your name begin with: C
You are a very social individual, and it is important to you to have a relationship.
You require closeness and togetherness.
You want the object of your affection to be socially acceptable and good-looking.
You see your lover as a friend and companion.
You are very sensual, Needing someone to appreciate and almost worship you. When this cannot be achieved, you have the ability to hold out on affection until you receive this..
You are an expert at controlling your desires and doing without.

Suave and compromising
Careful, cautious and organised
Likes to point out people's mistakes
Likes to criticize
Quiet but able to talk well
Calm and cool
Kind and sympathetic
Concerned and detailed
Trustworthy, loyal and honest
Does work well
Good memory
Clever and knowledgeable
Loves to look for information
Must control oneself when criticising
Able to motivate oneself
Loves sports, leisure and travelling
Hardly shows emotions
Tends to bottle up feelings
Choosy especially in relationships
Loves wide things

Turn ons
Libra needs peace and harmony in all their relationship so help them maintain that. Venus the ruling planet gives them beauty and they have weakness for people who can compliment them about their beauty (you will not have to make an effort to do that anyway). You can help Libra seek union and partnership in life.If you have Libra partner you can be sure to share beautiful and pleasurable moments together.

Turn offs
Libra is kind and gentle soul but very argumentative. Hence do not start an argument or discussion unless of course you are free and do not know how to pass your time. They hate to lose and most probably in between of discussion they may change their side too (remember scales can tilt) and still continue arguing from other side.Do not push your Libra partner into making decisions. They will keep weighing pros and cons and may still not be able to come to any decision. Have patience!